- Sprint PCS Antenna -

Back around the time of the Sanyo 4500, Sprint PCS reception in Davison was nonexistent. Well, today it's not much better north of town, but at least in town there is decent signal.

I decided to take it upon myself as a joke-hack to build a Sprint PCS antenna to point out just how pathetic their coverage was. (Maybe this is why they finally gave us a cell site? Haha, doubtful.) I talked to some Ham radio guys on the Internet and figured out mathetmatically what a decent design for a 1900MHz cross between a Yagi and a Log-Period Dipole Array.

It worked, I got some bars in some places where previously there was no service! Of course since it was a directional antenna, I had to know roughly where to point it in order to pick up service. Not the most convenient design, but certainly unique and entertaining!

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