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Stacie's Page This girl is crazy! Might as well link back to her page with bad tables. :P
OverClocked Remix The best remixed video game music on the Internet! Check it out! (Well, almost best, they have some very BAD remixes too, yet they weren't cool enough to put my two tracks up that can be downloaded on my Discography page. "Technosorcery" and "Final Bloodshed" on Transverse Reality.)
Penny Arcade Great video game-centric comics! Hilarious!
Homestar Runner Some funny messed up cartoons all based around "Homestar Runner" and his friends. Be sure to check out Strongbad's E-Mail! (Particularly "Dragon" and "Techno"!)
Maddox's Page This guy must have been beaten as a child...or left out on a cold winter's night to freeze... Either way, some of his stuff is still very funny!! Check it out!
Friend BearMelt Your Brain!! Go to this site, read the comics, let your brain cells scream for sanity! This page is awesome and I haven't been to it since my semester at MTU a whopping two-ish years ago! It's Hilarious!! (Note: Only for the true computer nerd or true messed up person, others won't understand the inner-beauty at all, so don't even bother clicking.)

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