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06/01/2008: Photos is finally linked into the main page! W00t! Photos!

03/29/2007: Phone Reviews has been replaced with a new reviews subdomain! Check it out!

09/16/2006: Unfinished Symphony is being released at my album release party on 9/16/06! Album release is also on the web site as of now! It took me a few years to finish this one, but it was worth the wait! Find it here!

07/10/2006: Updates finally! Updated my resume and also added a Cingular "project" page to document their "upgrade" of a local cell site. One of many "upgrades" in the area...

Previous links of importance here:
Untitled Drum and Bass Track
In Closing

03/24/2006: New updates! I'm doing so many lately I will leave at least the last two on the home page.

I've renamed the ThinkPad Linux page to Gentoo Linux. I finally got smart and GOT A NEW MAC!! I'm not going to abandon Gentoo though, I still like it as a hobby OS, so it will probably end up on one of Hyperion's many hard drives soon for a more permanent residence (and tinkerfest!)

03/23/2006: Ok so the latest track's done, and I'm calling it "In Closing." It'll probably be the final track on my next/last album.

In other news - here's what I have done on a new Drum N Bass track so far - I have to give a shout out to Orbit and his show Pressure on XM 80 - The Move. I totally forgot how much I loved Drum N Bass until I started tuning into his show! Anyway here it is. As always I don't have a track name for it yet cause I suck at that!!

The rest of the site updates are coming along nicely so far! I can't wait to polish this place off!

03/20/2006: Updates to the latest track here.

My most recent additions to the site include a new ThinkPad Linux page, which may or may not be updated as making the switch is proving exceedingly more complicated. I can't easily (at all really) continue my music writing and cell phone hacking projects - and hardware support is lacking to absent on several key components of my systems...

I have also added a resumé page and a projects page so potential employers can see what I'm all about and how I get the job done!

03/14/2006: Updates to the latest track here.

I've added a new page for my IBM ThinkPad T42 Linux project. I've been attempting to shift myself away from Windows, because I can't afford a new Mac and can't stand Windows. As such, my T42 project page is going up. So far I've had flawless success getting almost all of my desktop's hardware working except for a VIA SATA/PATA RAID card - the PATA part doesn't work with Linux yet until the driver writers finish it. I'd gladly finish myself but hardware drivers aren't exactly my fort´┐Ż yet.

I will be putting a collection of scripts - possibly eventually with ebuilds and other bits on that page, so I can help other ThinkPad users running Linux - Gentoo Linux especially as it is my favorite distribution just from the flexibility of Portage. (However, I absolutely despise all the compiling you have to do to build a Gentoo system, but at least once you've spent a few years getting your system set up right, you shouldn't have to deal with long compiling anymore.

I'm still also trying to finish my albums too, as well as do some job hunting to try and find a job, and finish school still. Overall very busy! Oi oi!

02/08/2006: Update to the latest track here.

I got something amazing going on at the very end that I think I should really make my stylistic focus - if I could ever improve my skills enough. Due to my video game music upbringing I really lean towards short repetitive patterns, I love them, there can be so much feeling in one little tiny pile of notes, and repeating them over and over is like upping the dosage on the drug - if done right. Too much can be mass overkill.

I also added some neat electronic slides in the middle right when the main synth comes in with the track's main theme - this thing's getting huge! I sure hope I can reorganize and wrap it up soon!

01/31/2006: News flash! This site's been twisted to work with Internet Exploder! POMG!

POMG! Thank you John!

If you're still stupid enough to use that horrible browser Internet Explorer, I still feel for you - download Firefox and cover your butt ASAP. Especially since I can't get object embeds to work with BOTH IE and Firefox - I choose Firefox - so you IE users will have to direct-download the track I speak of next...

Check out a clip of my latest track playing below, and the full track (so far) here.

01/07/2006: Well - After taking this long to finally just convert the whole site over to the CSS... I'm finally ready to start burying useless pages that don't need a link anymore. Most of my blogging goes on over at my LJ (here) so I don't even really have a reason for nonsense.

We shall see what progresses!!

The site still doesn't work that pretty with Internet Explorer - if you're stupid enough to use that horrible browser I feel for you - download Firefox and cover your butt ASAP.

09/22/2005: Here we go - Day two, and page two (and 3!) News page has been stripped of its previous content as all that text was referring to the old site and...also dating back to like 2003 which is pretty irrelevant and pointless to list. I'm also going to start putting music-news in this section instead of just site-changes, to make this section even worth reading!

I've also redone the discography page - I really think that turned out spectacular! Might still be doing some tweaks on it, but so far it's good to go! CSS sure is moving this site's rebuild along fast!

In music news, I dabbled with some new sound packs I hadn't played with before. I started my first drum & bass track, as well as a new trance track and tweaked a few others!

09/21/2005: Well, I was going to see if I couldn't get more of the pages wrapped up first - but since this new CSS style is allowing me to make page changing so easy, I decided to go page by page editing instead of all at once! So - you will see slow transitions as I take this site into the world of Cascading Style Sheets!

Also - I will be adding some of my work-in-progess music to either Discography or to a new "Work in Progress" page so people can see what's over the horizons here in Skuzz Studios! I currently have an unnamed symphony and an unnamed techno album in the works, and soon will be starting a collab album with the hiphop music star JXQ!

So - stay tuned for more updates!


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