- Cellular Internet -

Some of my projects involve insane synergy between products never designed to touch each other - but my MacGyver skills make it possible!

This here is a massively fast 28.8kbps Internet connection created by fusing two 14.4kbps CDMA cell phone data connections into a dial-up router, which handled multiplexing Internet requests, and dished data out to the Linksys Wireless Router below, which in turn made the whole setup WiFi!

This was back in 2002 when I had just moved out of my parents' house and had no high-speed Internet due to the local cable provider allegedly not having service in my area. (Once I got cablemodem service, I later found out I was one of only two people in that apartment complex that had a cablemodem due to signal issues!)

(Oh yeah, and ignore the cablemodem in the background, I decided to plan ahead and buy one when I was moving out, that was an initially wasted investment...)

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