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Davison, Michigan
Nick Dunklee
ndunklee at nickdunklee dot com
Phone: Available Upon Request
Seeking a position to utilize my computer skills and to further my growth in systems management, infrastructure management, and advanced computing technologies.
Operating Systems:
Windows 3.0 to XP Professional & Server 2003, Mac OS 1 to OS X, Sun Solaris UNIX, Linux (Gentoo, SuSE, RedHat, Debian), BSD

Microsoft Office, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, GCC, Visual Studio 6 and .NET, Numerous CDMA, GSM and iDEN handset utilities and computer applications, firmware flashing and configuration file editing utilities, including iDEN RSS

Programming Languages:
C++, C, Java, Visual BASIC (.NET and 6.0), AppleScript, COBOL, Assembly Language

Technologies and Principles
Fluent in:
CDMA, GSM, iDEN, TDMA, OFDM, 802.11A/B/G WLANS, SIM Cards, FLASHStrap, Codeplugs, PRLs, SEEMs, Dispatch and Interconnect Call Processing. EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, and HSDPA/HSUPA data overlays.
University of Michigan
Bachelor of Science
Major: Computer Information Systems
Minor: Computer Science
Graduated: May 2007
Work Experience
University of Michigan
Information Technology Services - Network Systems Support
2006 - Present
  • Maintain network and telecom systems
  • Install new systems
  • Update wiring
  • Deploy VPN, WiFi, VoIP systems
  • Troubleshoot Layer 2, 3 network equipment
  • Work with customer to maintain and install new facilities
  • Write software solutions for network security and stability
  • Facilitate decision-making for technology purchases
Information Technology Services - HelpDesk
Summer 2006
  • Answer customer phone calls and e-mails
  • Troubleshoot customer problems and resolve customer concerns
  • Interface with customer workstations for remote repair and maintenance
  • Maintain and update Trouble Ticket lists, e-mail list, and customer accounts

Journal Register Company
Ad Designer - Composition
2003 - 2005
  • Design ads, design illustrations
  • Type ad copy, build ads, proof ads
  • Build/lay out newspapers, print newspapers to negative separations
  • Develop and check negatives
  • Improve prepress efficiency, network efficiency, ad-building efficiency using scripting, programming, and other various techniques

RadioShack Corporation
Certified Sales Associate
2000 - 2003
  • CDMA Cellular sales, handset programming, maintenance
  • Trained in 3G network technologies
  • Assist customers with purchases and general product troubleshooting
  • Utilize planograms and advertising layout
  • Perform merchandising, order check-in, cleaning
  • Attend monthly sales meetings
  • Attend multiple training programs to keep up-to-date with new product
  • Perform quarterly inventories of store merchandise

Davison High School
Information Technology
1996 - 2000
  • Maintain student computer labs
  • Manage client workstations
  • Upgrade network and systems
  • Install hardware, software, network devices
  • Stay current on security holes and patches
  • Troubleshoot software glitches and client systems

Nick's Computer Repair
Owner, Operator
1994 - 2002
  • Manage local computer repair business
  • Travel to customer sites to resolve issues
  • Reformat, replace operating system, replace damaged hardware
  • Recover files from damaged disk
  • Reconfigure system to return to functional state
  • Mac, PC, client, server, peripheral repair
  • Solder broken components, upgrade configuration
  • Design advertisements, manage pricing, manage promotion
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